To the authors

The journal is intended for modern scientists, graduate students, doctoral students, applicants for the degree of candidate of sciences, young specialists, faculty and researchers.

The journal publishes problematic and review articles on pedagogical, sociological and legal sciences.

The section «Pedagogical Sciences» is devoted to the development of pedagogical science as a holistic system of scientific knowledge and scientific activity, research on the contribution of education and pedagogical science to the socio-economic development of the country and the historical development of educational systems, methods, means, forms of training and education, the methodology of pedagogical research in the modern socio-cultural situation and the justification of interdisciplinary ties in pedagogical research of the development of education.

The section «Sociological Sciences» publishes theoretical and methodological studies of social tensions, potential and real conflicts between various social communities, methodological studies aimed at improving, developing, refining traditional, widely applied and new methods, techniques, techniques for collecting and analyzing empirical data, as well as articles on forecasting social processes in Russian society and in regional social spaces, the theoretical approaches of the classics in their modern «reading» are considered, that is, their application to the studies of modernity and classical and modern sociological and methodological approaches to the study of social systems, communities, social processes and phenomena.

The section «Legal Sciences» is devoted to the consideration of the theory of state and law, the history of the state and law of Russia and foreign countries, the history of teachings about the state and law, as well as research on criminal law, its sources and individual institutions; criminal law and criminal law relations; criminal lawmaking and the practice of its application and other issues.