The Procedure for Submitting Articles to the Editors Office of the Journal

    1. Articles executed in accordance with the requirements are sent by e-mail: or submitted directly to the editors office.
    1. Together with the manuscript of the article, a set of documents is submitted to the editors office:
    2. license agreement;
      information about the author;
      consent to the processing of personal data by the publisher and the editorial board of the journal;
      referee report with the signature of the reviewer certified in the personnel division by the imprint of the coat of arms.
      A supervisor’s review is submitted to an article of an applicant for a degree. The review is not a substitute for referee report.
    1. The manuscript of the scientific article submitted to the editors office is considered for completeness of the submitted documents package and manuscript (article) correspondence with the design requirements and rules.

    2. Articles executed without taking into account the listed requirements are not considered.

    3. The text originality is checked with the help of the specialized software «RUKONTEKST» (
    1. An article cannot be published if:
    2. — the subject does not belong to the scientific field of the academic journal;
      — it is not properly executed;
      — the authors did not revise the article on the reviewer’s constructive comments;
      — the author  received a negative referee report;
      — the author did not follow the current legislation on copyright and related rights;
      — it contains materials that cannot be published in public media.