The Procedure for Reviewing Manuscripts of Articles

The selection of articles for publication is based on the results of refereeing.

The referee report contains a professional and objective assessment of the scientific research conducted by the author of the article.

The reviewer must confirm or refute the professional competence of the author of the article, recommend it for publication in the issue, or indicate the details that need to be finalized.

The referee report has the status of an official document. Reviewers are persons with a high professional status in a certain area of ​ ​ activity:having a degree in a specialty that corresponds to the topic of work.

The scientific supervisor and direct supervisor of the author’s publication cannot be a reviewer.

The refereeing is conducted confidentially. The referee report is provided to the author of the manuscript at his request without the signature and indication of the name, post, place of work.

If the reviewer points out that the material needs to be refined or recycled, the article is returned to the author.

In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer, the author of the manuscript has the right to provide a reasoned response to the journal.

If the reviewer does not recommend the article for publication, the journal editors office reserves the right to refer the material to another reviewer for re-refereeing .


Referee Report Content Requirement

The referee report should contain a qualified analysis of the manuscript material, an objective reasoned assessment of the article, and informed recommendations.

Special attention in the referee report should be paid to the coverage of the following issues:

— compliance of the article content with the subject of the academic journal, that is, the definition of the scientific specialty in which the article was written;

— general analysis of the scientific level, practical significance, terminology, structure of the manuscript, relevance of the topic;

— a presentation of the author’s thoughts in scientific language, logical and understandable to the readership and free of ambiguous material interpretation  as well as the accuracy of word usage;

— presentation style, compliance of methods, methods, recommendations and research results used by the author with modern achievements of science and practice;

— presence of a problem and description of its solution;

— stylistically correct use of the conceptual apparatus;

— availability of analysis of literature sources and description of the development degree of the studied problem;

— place of the refereed work among others, that had been already printed on a similar topic: what is new in it or how is it different from them, does not duplicate the works of other authors;

— errors made by the author.

The final part of the referee report should contain reasonable conclusions about the manuscript as a whole and a clear recommendation on the advisability of its publication in the journal.

In a negative assessment of the article manuscript as a whole, the reviewer should provide a reasoned justification for his conclusions.